Tracy Rosen

Here are all of the resources you need for the workshop Show me what you know: Planning for competency development offered at the EMSB on April 25, 2014, facilitated by Tracy Rosen.

  • Slide Show
  • Resource Documents and Media
  • Planning Guides are down below the slide show

Have fun!



Activity 1: Planning for Competency Development

  • Print or draw out the 'inside out' diagram. (If you prefer to type into the template, you can download a Word copy here)
  • Choose a competency from your program and write it in the center of the target
  • Determine what mastery looks like and write the key words in the next ring of the target
  • Determine tools and/or activities which can help to develop and/or demonstrate mastery and write them into the outer ring
  • You can use the form below to reflect on what you did and why

Activity 2: Planning For Tomorrow!

  • Using your diagram from Activity 4, plan a lesson using the tool(s) and activities you have chosen.
  • You can use the form below to help plan your lesson.